Thailand – May 2021

Written by our Thailand Team.

Hub Program Development.

In April our partner schools are closed for normal semester break since 10 of April 2021 and normally would open in the middle of May 2021 but because the covid-19 situation in Thailand is getting worse again, schools have to delay their opening. 

They plan to open again on the 1st of June. We still continue our work to develop our Education program, plan to continue our STEM project and also create new projects like the Eco club.

STEM Project Plan.

.Futuresense Thailand have been delivering STEM workshops (inquiry based learning) at 2 of our hill tribe partner schools at the end of March 2021. With the workshops we reached 68 students. In April 2021 we have spent our time planning STEM workshosp and plan to deliver the workshop again to 4 of our partner school, 2 hill tribe school and another 2 in Mea sariang town. We plan to deliver the workshop in June 2021when school back to open.

ECO Club for Schools Plan.

We, Futuresense Thailand not only plan for STEM project. We also create and plan for Eco club, that will focus providing student knowledge and raise awareness about environmental sustainability by letting students experiences things and learn through fun activity by their own. We can’t wait to see students grow their knowledge about the environment while have fun spending their time in the club!

Collaboration with other Country Teams.

This month Futuresense Thailand worked closely across county with Futuresense Nepal and Futuresense Cambodia to share our thoughts and ideas on Education program, STEM workshops and Eco Club. We believe that working with teams in other countries is really helpful and we can help each other to develop our programs locally and globally to help achieve the FutureSense Foundation goal to provide people with skills and knowledge to have better opportunity in their life.

Songkran Festival.

In second week of April in Thailand we cerebrated Songkran festival as a Thai New Year every year. It is National holiday tha tpeople travel home to visit their parents and grandparents and we will prepare gift baskets (anything we want to give to parents and grandparents) and ask for blessing and forgiveness and go to the temple for blessing to bring the good luck in our life. This festival is also famous for water fights framed as ritual cleansing

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