Join our passionate and hard working team!

We are expanding and we want you to join our team of passionate and energetic individuals who work hard to inspire curiosity, confidence and create possibilities for others to help make the world a better place, one day and action at a time!

We have vacancies available across all our hubs:

Peru, Tanzania, Thailand, Nepal, India, Cambodia

A career with the FutureSense Foundation, we believe, is a rewarding and unique opportunity. Our philosophy is to make a long-term, sustainable and ethical impact in the countries where we work, in close collaboration with our community partners. The job openings available predominantly involve overseas and international development opportunities.

If you would like to apply for a role in one of our hubs please email [email protected] with an open application or apply directly for an advertised vacancy via idealist.

Operations Manager Vacancies

The Operations Manager, aka the Hub Manager, oversees the strategic management of the hub and is the visionary, leader and front figure of the hub. Leading, inspiring and managing the team, bringing strategic development and growth, overseeing the financial management and local governance while also always being ready to jump into the action of project delivery.

Role Length: 2 years
Experience required : 5 years

Programme Implementor Vacancies

The Programme Implementors oversee the programme delivery strategy from Monitoring & Evaluation to carrying out needs assessments and planning the programme delivery needs for the year and for specific projects. They will also be overseeing partner relationships, due to the nature of the role being about identifying partner needs and tailoring project initiatives to meet these needs. The programme implementor will of course also get involved in the actual programme delivery themselves when needed and at other times support others in ensuring the project delivery is effective.

Role Length: 2 Years
Experience Required: 3 Years

Senior Project Implementer Vacancies

The senior project implementer, will ensure projects are implementer throughout the year in alignment with what the Programme Coordinator has designed. This includes planning how projects will be delivered and allocating specific projects to groups of international project participants and other projects and initiatives they will collaborate with the Programme Coordinator and Junior Project Implementer to collaboratively deliver on.

Role Length: Min 2 Years
Experience Required 1-2 years

Junior Project Implementer Vacancies

The Junior Project Implementer will ensure projects are continuously implemented. This includes delivering project activities with other team members and supporting groups in project delivery if there are groups in country.

Role Length 6-12 Months
Entry Level

Group Mentor & Programme Implementor Vacancies

The Group Mentor & Project Implementor supports international project participants (16+ years of age) in arranging their day-to-day project logistics and activities. Helping the group plan, implement and review project activities and guide and mentor them on all aspects of living and engaging in activities overseas.

Role Length 3-6 Months
Entry Level

Cultural Coordinators

The cultural coordinator arranges cultural activities for international project participants to provide them with deeper cultural understanding to support them with their project activities and to give them a well needed balance between project activities and other evening and weekend activities.

Role Length: 3-6 Months
Entry Level

At FutureSense Foundation we all get involved in the action and project delivery! 

We believe in people, we believe in action and we believe that Together We Can achieve great things and make a difference in people’s lives and their future.