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The communities we support have been greatly impacted by COVID-19. There are reports that the pandemic will push 71 million people back into extreme poverty. This will be the first rise seen in global poverty since 1998.

What your donation can do.

£10 per month

enables us to provide a child in Cambodia with supplementary education, books, a snack and a medical check up

£30 donation

enables us to provide children at under resourced schools with a desk so they no longer have to sit on the floor

£100 donation

enables us to repaint a class room to improve the learning environment for children in disadvantaged communities

£50 per month

enables us to provide children at school with clean drinking water

£250 donation

enables us to build a hand washing station at a school in a rural community

£2000 donation

enables us to install a rain water harvesting system with a water storage to provide running water for children at a school

Support the FutureSense Foundation.

We have recently launched a new website where you can directly support the work of the FutureSense Foundation. We have a number of products available, as well as options to engage with us in online events and support our programs directly. 

How you can help.

Whilst our programs are also lacking the support of our international volunteers from the UK and Australia, we have started a fundraising campaign with the aim of raising enough money so that we can continue to support our communities through COVID-19 and continuing, particularly whilst we don’t have the support of our volunteers. A crisis like this is when the most vulnerable around the world need us the most, and we are determined to continue to support them. 

If you are in a position to help us, we would be so grateful if you could make a donation via our online form, through the fundraising campaigns below, or through the FutureSense Foundation shop and share them to spread the word. No donation of fundraising effort is too small or too large, ever cent counts!

Now, more than ever, we believe that Together We Can, make a difference. 

If you are in the UK, please donate to our Virgin Money Giving page. 

You can also donate via the online form below.

Simply enter your name and email and use the Donation amount field to enter the amount you would like to donate. Once you click submit, a payment box will pop-up so you can safely enter your payment details.