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Every donation we receive, goes a long way in helping us achieve our goals to provide disadvantaged communities a better future.

Every pound matters, here is what we are able to do with your donation:


£10 per month

enable us to provide a child in Cambodia with supplementary education, books, a snack and a medical check up

£30 donation

enables us to provide children at under resourced schools with a desk so they no longer have to sit on the floor

£100 donation

enables us to repaint a class room to improve the learning environment for children in disadvantaged communities

£40 per month

enables us to provide children at school with clean drinking water

£250 donation

enables us to build a hand washing station at a school in a rural community

£2000 donation

enables us to install a rain water harvesting system with a water storage to provide running water for children at a school

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Simply enter your name and email and use the arrow next to the 10 Pounds amount to increase the amount you would like to donate. Once you click submit, a payment box will pop-up so you can safely enter your payment details.