Your Climate Challenge

During a time where climate action is at the forefront of the media, and the urgency of taking action is at its pinnacle.

We would like to invite you to join us and play your part in taking action to prevent the climate crisis!

Wondering what you can do to combat climate change?

Join us in our endeavour to take climate action into our own hands, as we pledge to play our part by planting 100,000 trees, delivering 50,000 environmental awareness workshops and set up 150 eco clubs in community schools across the world by 2030 to galvanise a generation of change makers taking positive climate action!

We would like you to take on a challenge over 8 days and fundraise for us to support our climate action initiatives.

One day for every year we have left stop irreversible damage to our planet!

Join us on this challenges so that together we can do our part in saving the world in 8 days!  

Choose your challenge

In order to make the most impact and fundraise the most money, we task you with choosing your own challenge!

 Here are some of our suggestions:

  • –        If you are a hardcore meat eater, we challenge you to go vegan or vegetarian for 8 days
  • –        If you are completely reliant on your car, we challenge you to not use your car for 8 days
  • –        If you are not normally doing any physical exercise, we challenge you to run or walk 5k or more a day for 8 days.

 Or choose something else, that stretches you and your friends and family see as a personal challenge. The key is to make sure it is personal and that you are challenging yourself!  

With a fundraising target of £500, you can raise enough to:

·        Plant 250 trees or

·        Fund 50 environmental awareness workshops or

·        Support the setting up of 1 eco club.

         Sign up below and set up your fundraising page now!  

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Now all you need to do is set up your enthuse fundraising page.

Don’t forget to share it with all your friends and family.