Education and Learning

The Issue

The Impact

The impacts of these issues are multidimensional.
The Confederation of Indian Industry estimates that 50% of graduating students are unemployable
Children who are not learning, or accessing quality education, are often living in low-income countries and communities, resulting in continued poverty.

Our Programme Approach

Working mainly in low- and medium-income countries, with a focus on disadvantaged areas and communities, our education programme aims to engage children with quality education and provide them with a sense of aspiration. In most of the countries and communities where we work, teachers rely on ‘rote learning’ as the means of passing exams.

There is a lack of focus on developing cognitive thinking, soft skills and a passion or desire for learning. Our efforts aim to break this mould and to develop students to become lifelong learners. Our education programme focuses on the development of soft skills, to build confidence and aspiration amongst children, along with the joy of learning. This is done by providing our partners with modules in:

The Sustainable Development Goals

By supporting disadvantaged communities, we work towards achieving the SDGs by reducing regional inequalities as well as gender inequalities through the aim of delivering quality education to all. The SDG’s that guide our education and child welfare work are predominantly, Goal 4. Quality Education, Goal 5. Gender Equality and Goal 10. Reduced Inequalities.

An image of UN Sustainable Development Goal 4
An image of UN Sustainable Development Goal 5
An image of UN Sustainable Development Goal 10

2018 Highlights from around the world.

In Thailand

Children Reached

through 284 hours of conversational English workshops across 9 schools in some of the most remote areas of Thailand.

in nepal

Volunteer Hours

 provided to support our education initiatives including conversational English and a number of life skills opportunities; drama, sustainability and art.

in tanzania

Students Engaged

in our partner school, with an increased focus on our female leaders. We promoted girls into leadership and captain positions in sport to further drive gender equality and the value of girls in leadership