Nepal – July 2021

Written by our Nepal Team.

Remote Learning Support.

In June, Nepal hub initiated its remote learning support project to primary level students of partner schools in Dhulikhelto engage them through phone calls.

As most students have no or little access to educational activities at their homes during the lockdown, they are bound to spend their time indoors without any creative and productive activities. To engage the students in such activities, Nepal hub contacted the teachers to collect the phone numbers of the parents of students and later established communications with parents of primary level students from different partner schools.

In total, 32 students received guidance and support through phone calls on a daily basis and got engaged in writing practices, drawings and telling stories. In addition, the students got support to do their assignments from their textbooks.

Two primary level teachers, including the principal from one of our partner schools, called us and thanked Nepal hub for engaging students through phone calls. Moreover, the parents of the students also called and thanked Nepal hub for our regular phone calls that made their children enjoy and engaged in the assignments.

COVID-19 and Nepal Hub.

The COVID infection cases are still surging and there is limited contact tracing and testing in Nepal. People hardly follow health protocols such as maintaining social distance and wearing masks in Dhulikhel. Only a handful of people have been vaccinated. The government has recently eased the restrictions after 2 months’ lockdown. Public health experts warn the situation can be more devastating in the future if all precautions are not followed by the public.

Despite following all measures of coronavirus, Neeru, Programme Coordinator, and Om, Country Operations Manager tested positive for the coronavirus in June. We suffered the CoVid symptoms: dry cough, body aches, common cold, fever, loss of smell and taste and what not! As a result, the ongoing projects came to a halt.

We started to get phone calls and wishes for a speedy recovery from teachers and parents of students from partner schools. Fortunately, we got rid of the nightmare after a month’s struggle. I joined the office from the first week of July. Neeru is expecting to join the work soon. We would like to thank all for your support and wishes for our recovery. We wish you all to be safe from the pandemic wherever you live.


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