Tanzania- August 2021

Written by our Tanzania Team.

Preparing for delivery of environmental education programs.

In Tanzania preparations for the new upcoming project is the main activity of the month. The new project of environmental education is going to be delivered to the school for class five and six which is really important to the society because the damage and destruction of environment is a big issue, so it is better to provide education to them so that they can care for the environment.

Project is expecting to reach beneficiaries 143 students where 99 girls and 44 boys, with 10 hours lesson delivery at Burka Primary school.

This project will be delivered in school on 23rd August until 31st August, with project planning guided by the following learning goals, for students to understand what is meant by environment,  for students to understand how ecosystem work, for students to understand the concept of one health, for students to understand the different between natural or geographical environment and man-made environment, student to understand the importance of environment.

Through this project, students will be able to plant trees, and do different activities like experiments, these activities will increase the level of understanding among students.

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