Nepal- August 2021

Written by our Nepal Team

Remote Learning Support

Supporting students through mobile-based Learning  

FutureSense Hub in Nepal has been supporting the primary level (Grade1-5, ages 6-10years) and lower secondary level (Grade 6-8, ages 10-14 years) students of partnerschools via mobile-based and virtual learning since the schools’ closure starting backon April 19th. The number of students involved in mobile-based learning has increased significantly this month from 30 to 66. These students have been engaged in fun and creative activities such as conversational English and STEM. Also, they are getting support in general school assignments provided to them by their local teachers.

The initial weeks of the initiatives were challenging to establish communications with parents and managing times for students because a majority of parents are laborers and farmers. After numerous conversations with parents, we are now able to make a clear schedule to call students. We are excited because of students’ active involvement, the increasing number of students, and parents’ support. Now, we can also see the parents becoming more curious.

In addition to this initiative, from the 3rd week of August, we will be taking learning packs to students in their houses in the community. The learning packs are designed to engage students in creative learning activities. Students who get learning packs will get support and be monitored via follow-up mobile phones.


Virtual Internships 

FutureSense Nepal hub has started virtual internships on the topics of gender equality. The goal of the internship is to develop modules to raise awareness of gender discrimination for students aged 9-15 years. The project is expected to identify gender inequalities that exist in the community and the gender protective laws that help protect the victims.

In addition, the Nepal hub is conducting two more virtual internships in WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) and STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) this month.


The WASH virtual intern will focus on waterborne diseases including risk factors, causes and consequences, and risk mitigation practices. The main objective of the intern is to create a curriculum outline for FutureSense WASH curricula. This means creating an informed list of modules/workshops for students aged 6-12.

The internship in STEM will identify varieties of topics and develop activities related to STEM to add to our existing STEM curriculum for different age groups of students.

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