Thailand- August 2021

Written by our Thailand Team

Workshop Delivery

FutureSense Thailand has been requested by our partner school to deliver English workshops to students from grades 7-9. We are happy that our partner school has reached out to us and that we can help them ensure their students can continue learning English language as school doesn’t have an English teacher to teach student English.

However we have had to pause delivery as Covid-19 case are increasing in the surrounding province. So, our partner school has decided to protect their students by not letting any external visitors in.

As a foundation this situation is not stopping us from working, Instead we use the time carefully to develop our programmes and programme resources together with the work the support of virtual interns on our Virtual intern programmes.

Virtual Internships 

Our virtual interns join us through a virtual internship programme through a collaboration between FutureSense Foundation and Challenges Abroad. Challenges Abroad are connecting international students seeking to make a difference and develop their skills and global understanding with our foundation that is always welcoming new energetic and passionate talent wanting to help develop and deliver our programmes.

At the end of July 2021 FutureSense Foundation Thailand have to say goodbye to our virtual interns who joins the program to help us conduct research on community culture, knowledge and existing challenges around period poverty and puberty & reproductive health. In August 2021 we will have our next
virtual interns joins to help us develop curriculum focusing on reproductive health and menstruation that we will use to delivery workshops to students in our partner schools in the future for students to have knowledge and have their own decision when they grow as an adult in the future.

We look forward to working with them. We want to eradicate period poverty, gender inequality and generally raise awareness on health topics in a manner that normalizes and reduces stigma around theses topics.

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