Cambodia – August/September 2021

Written by our Cambodia Team.

Home Visits- Providing worksheets


FutureSense Foundation(FSF) is a grassroots charity working in 6 countries.

In Cambodia, FSF supports the Supplementary Education Class (SEC)Program, which aims to improve the learning of disadvantaged students by providing them with free education as the Cambodian government only provides half day of school for free. And in the tough time during the Covid-19 outbreak, the Cambodian government decided to close all schools in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 . However the Supplementary Education Class continues to work on a home visit project to provide lessons, exercises, and homework to many students in the community who do not have the opportunity to study at school. Students are overjoyed and smiling after receiving our assistance and their parents also try to help their children by teaching more at home.

In September 2021, we try to both help our students by online classes and do home visit and as result we have reached 508 students in community.


The SEC’s teachers work on village visit project on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And the other day they work on correcting exercises and making the next exercises. They also visit the center to clean the classroom, plant flowers and make the playground for students when they come back in upcoming months.

The community feel excited when we still help and support their children during the tough time without school. 

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