India Hub Update

Written by our India Team

STEM Workshop Delivery 

In the month of October, FutureSense India hub started making plans for continuing with the STEM workshop in partner school for primary level and high level students( aged 6-11) . We had meeting with teachers about continuing the STEM workshop which we had stopped in the month of September due to the examination of the students.

The government has allowed to reopen schools from the 10th of November, due to a decline in covid cases in the area. This means that STEM workshops can now be in person instead of held virtually.

The main objective of STEM workshop delivery was to engage students with fun activities and help them to build creative thinking skills. Our partner school is small, with small year groups. In the month of November we reached 24 students who each received 12 hours of learning.

In December, the STEM workshop were based on experimental science and engineering and were delivered to the primary level (aged 6- 10) and high level students ( aged 11-12) at partner school.

Through these activities, students used various engineering skills for building and measuring things to improve their work and they also demonstrated various skills like problem solving and creative- thinking by trying to improve their performance.

Virtual Internships

The aim of this internship is to conduct research on social inequalities faced by communities and individuals as a result of technology and to provide Futuresense Foundation with suggestions on possible initiatives that can be undertaken to reduce some of these inequalities.

As a foundation we are always looking to increase and improve our support in the communities where we work. To do so we ensure that we have strong community connections, continued communication and needs assessments and that we listen to what the people in the community have to say. We look forward to see what new initiatives and opportunities to support communities in India come out of this project.

The virtual interns discovered lots of challenges with a digital divide and they have been working on the lots of findings on digital gap, consequences of the gap, the threats it poses to individuals and communities and they make suggestions to address some of the challenges and reduce inequalities.


The interns held the virtual community workshops with the local students and teachers coordinated by Futuresense India hub, to discuss these concerns. 

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