The latest from Cambodia – Dec 2019!

Health Promotion

In December, we farewelled  our second health promotion group. While they were here the team delivered a range of sessions across four project sites, including in the courtyard of a nearby pagoda when no classrooms were available. A huge highlight for the group was facilitating women’s health sessions with female students in early high school. The girls learnt about a variety of topics including puberty, mensuration, pregnancy and consent and will be receiving reusable sanitary items early next year. The team also enjoyed immersing themselves in the local culture, attending the khmer circus, visiting local sites and of course sampling a variety of cuisines around town.

JCU Education

JCU has been delivering sessions in our centres for 3 weeks. A big highlight for both the group and the staff was the final week of STEM. it was a great opportunity to see the kids participate in some critical thinking activities. The kids enjoyed creating paper planes, bridges and towers, portable green houses, balloon powered cars,recycled materiel pot plants and so much more out of repurposed materials. It was great to have the group combine their ideas with waste management and recycling.

Some of the group enjoyed renting bicycles and using their spare time to explore the local area and the town. The bikes also made great transport for morning ice coffees or bubble tea.

Sustainable Actions

Our eco-brick report is now out and we are in full swing back at the hub. Our in country team is working hard to test out all methods before implementing this into our centres. At this stage we are on track to delivering this great resource in January.

Staff of the month!

After five and a half weeks training in the Cambodia hub, Jordy is now off to join our team in India. Jordy has quickly become part of the FSF family here and will be truly missed. She has been a great support at the hub and we look forward to seeing her efforts in India.

Staff Day Out

Of course coming into the holiday season, it wouldn’t be the same without a staff Christmas party. It was a great way to farewell Khanchna and celebrate everyone’s hard work for the year. We had a great time singing and dancing the night away at karaoke. 


Cats Corner!

We don’t choose favourites, but if we did Wobbles and Sasha would be strong contenders. They are always bundles of joy around the hub and are quick friends with the volunteers.

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