The latest from Thailand – Dec 2019/Jan 2020!

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a peaceful Christmas Holiday and wish you all a happy, prosperous and successful new year!

We are now looking forward to seeing how we can grow as a hub and foster increased collaboration across teams to grow even stronger together in this new decade. 

We have also been fortunate to receive Harley as our Xmas gift as she as joined the Thai hub in early January and has already been warmly welcomed by the entire team.

December Babies!

Happy birthday to Sienna, Victoria and Carissa (Vet volunteer), and to anyone else in the wider team who celebrated their birthdays in December and were spoilt by both team and volunteer groups.

December Activities

December was filled with firsts for our hub! We had our first first aid and safety workshop for the local law enforcement. This was upon request from them as they had seen our work and have wished to continue their training in the future as well.

Our new fundraising marathon initiative was again a success with our December Paramedic all women’s group, all joining in on the action and running their fun run raising an impressive amount of money for the hub.

Our gift shop was not far behind in popularity even if the amounts raised are smaller, it has been a proud moment for us as we are looking forward to supporting more local initiatives with the funds raised in-country. 

We also had our very first Veterinary Challenge. This group spent a week at ENP and then a week at DNP near Pattaya participating in animal care and learning to care for dogs, cats and more excotic species, such as IV’s for Elephants and treating landmine injuries. We are looking forward to more Vet groups of 1st and 2nd year students in the future!

A glance into the future – what will January hold for the Thai hub?

These are just a few of the exciting things and activities our team are looking forward to in January. Planning, Alignment and Action will be the focus of both January and our New Year!

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