India – June 2021

Written by our India Team.

Program Updates.

In the month of May, COVID restrictions were the same as the previous month. We continued with our online workshops on health and nutrition. The positive outcome of these workshops is that students were happy and they responded very well, but we faced some challenges like network issues, video quality is not very good because they don’t have good quality smart phones, some students were not able to join workshop due to sharing phones with their siblings, but we addressed these issues by sendin gworksheets on their WhatsApp number.

In the meantime, we also started conversational English workshops delivered by other hub team members. With the help of these workshops students have the opportunity to learn more on different cultures.



World Environment Day. 

Every year, World Environment day is observed on June 5. This day is celebrated to encourage awareness and environmental protection. In this day, FSF India team celebrated environment day with community children and give them awareness about why plants and trees are important for us and how we protect our environment.


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