Cambodia – June 2021

Written by our Cambodia Team.

Home Visits. 

Schools remain closed in Cambodia as a result of COVID. There are many students who cannot go and study at school. During this difficult situation we are able to run a home visit project and provide worksheets for students to learn at home. We find that students are really happy when they get the worksheets and exercises from us and parents are excited to have their children learning. 

We observed that many students’ parents are cooperating with us, trying to teach their kids more at home and are becoming friendly and more comfortable with us as well. Recently, we are reaching all 425 enrolled students and an additional 75 students who are not currently enrolled but need our support.

COVID Education.

Even though, there is a long COVID closure and travel restrictions, we have been able to do community education about Covid-19. We educate the community about how to complete the 7 steps hand washing process, wearing masks, social distancing, how to use elbow when they sneezing or coughing and greeting by saluting not shake hands to avoid COVID infection. Finally, by observation and asking question, we found that the kids and parents can wash their hands order in 7 steps and can show how to use their elbow when they sneezing or coughing.


Days for Girls Education.

As a part of the Days for Girls Project, we worked with Ah Run from our local organisation partner, Children’s Action for Development (CAD). She supports and helps education about girls health, hygiene and sanitation, menstruation and how to use reusable sanitary pads. At the end of the session the girls had more knowledge about how to use the reusable sanitary pads and were asking questions. 


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