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June Newsletter
Thailand Hub

After a long semester break and fluctuating COVID-19 situation, our staff members went into the partner school to not only sustain partnership, but also inform the teachers about the coming groups. They were delighted to hear that and welcoming us wholeheartedly. Finally, FutureSense Foundation, Thai hub, has fulfilled its promise by taking a group of project participants from Nottingham College to our hometown: Mae Sariang.

With the background on animal welfare and conservation,  the group played a crucial role in planning and delivering workshop regarding Climate Action which is one of FutureSense Foundation cross-cutting themes outlined by UN Sustainable Development Goals. Their project focused on how to create and preserve ideal environment for not only human, but also animals. The 3-day project reached students from grade 4 to 6 and received positive feedback from all of 36 students as well as the teachers who participated in the activities with joy.

During their time in Mae Sariang, Nottingham group had chances to cherish the town’s beauty and its delicate culture. They were so happy and their faces were painted with smiles.

In addition, the project participants took part in Community Clean Up and Tree planting along with the local students who have been more confident to introduce the
group about their community. With the bravery to speak up in English, the group has learnt a lot from the students. In that day, 150 trees were given and planted at the school. With this we could reduce a great number of carbon footprints!
We, Thai hub staff members, can truly feel the beginning of positive changes brought about by the project participants who are fuelled by their global citizenship energy. To the readers, we, Thai team, cannot say thank you enough for making this wonderful development possible for us and our community.

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