Thailand Hub Update

Written by our Thai Team


At the end of January, Thai hub team facilitated a STEM camp at one of our hill tribe schools with age group 7-12 years old and reached 19

The camp was the integration of 3 components: engineering
skills, animal welfare, and environmental awareness.

Besides academic skills, students also acquired problem solving skill, teamwork skill, and leadership skill. They enjoyed it so much and asked us when we will come back to do the activities again!

Virtual Intern: Final Handover 

FutureSense Foundations mission is to uphold the UN Goals for Sustainable Development. As a
result, in November, our Virtual intern have been working on how to access to clean water in hilltribe
community and provide simple and sustainable solution to people within the community. This project complies with our goal to support health and wellbeing, as well as the 6th SDG: Clean Water and Sanitation.

With great dedication to create simple and sustainable solution for local community to access to clean water, the Virtual intern has finally submitted her DIY Water Filtration project which will benefit the community in the long run.

Community Clean up. 

The Thai team has a mission to complete community clean up at least once a month.

With the help of 19 energetic students we have managed to complete the clean up in the areas near to our hill tribe schools partners. 
The community clean ups are not only about clearing the rubbish but also discussing environmental issues with the students to increase their awareness and provoke a curiosity for environmental issues.

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