Nepal- February Update

Written by our Nepal Team.

However, the delivery of the workshops that were planned to continue at partner schools came to a halt from 11th January due to the increasing Omicron coronavirus in the country. The schools remained closed across the nation from 11th January and are reopening from 13th February.

FutureSense Nepal Hub is planning to continue the delivery of the workshops surrounding the topic of Prevention and Prevalence of Water-borne Diseases as soon as schools will resume the normal classes in Dhulikhel. The delivery of workshops aims to make students aware of water-borne diseases and teach preventive measures to reduce the diseases caused by poor hygiene and sanitation practices.


Programme Development- Virtual Internships 

In January, FutureSense Nepal hub completed 2 virtual internships in WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) and
Social and Financial Skills. Three weeks long virtual internship in WASH was completed on 4th February. A virtual intern has developed a full handwashing project plan including clear indicators, guidelines of baseline
assessment, the workshop components, follow-up plan and M&E (Monitoring and
Evaluation) template. The handwashing project plan will be used to prepare and
plan the workshops delivery at partner schools.

At the same time, three virtual interns completed 2 weeks long internship in Social and Financial Skills on 28th January. The three interns as a team reviewed Aflatoun Book-6 and identified all components to contextualize and customize the Aflatoun book-6 to fit into the Nepalese context. The contextualized book includes the basic financial and social skills to understand and practice saving and spending for the students of primary level (aged 8-10 years).

During the internships, the interns held community meetings with local students and teachers to gain local knowledge and information.

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