Nepal – May 2021

Written by our Nepal Team.

Personal Health & Hygiene Workshops.

Nepal hub completed its month-long project on delivering workshops on personal health and hygiene at 4 partner schools: Harisiddhi Basic School, Purna Sanjeevani School, Shwet Ganesh Basic School, and Shreekhandapur High School in Dhulikhel.

Each school received 7 hours of workshop delivery that benefited a total of 131 primary level students. Out of 131 students, 26 students were identified that they did not have basic personal hygiene kits and they received toothbrushes, soaps, and toothpaste from the Nepal hub. The Nepal hub also donated nail trimmers to the school for shared access to students to ensure they can continue caring for their personal hygiene.

Students were attentive and expressed their happiness during the workshop delivery. They seemed to be more conscious and demonstrated confidently what they learned in our follow-up sessions after workshops’ delivery. Their changed behaviors in terms of maintaining hygiene were noticeable after the workshops. The Nepal hub, however, will continue the observation regularly to encourage the students to continue their good personal hygiene practice to achieve better results.

Virtual Internships.

On 23rd April, Nepal hub wrapped a virtual internship in managing waste and recycling. The final handover meeting was attended by Victoria, Sarah, Kirsty, and the Thai hub coordinators: Morky and James along with the Nepal hub.

The intern presented the resources that he had developed during the 5 weeks long internship. The resources included teaching materials for students aged 10-12 years, including videos, infographics, and a booklet of experiments and practical activities aimed at raising students’ awareness of the adverse effects of littering and poor waste management.

Student Engagement Project.

The government of Nepal has decided to shut down educational institutions across the nation due to the increased risk of coronavirus transmission among students from 19th April. Students are bound to spend their time indoors and deprived of all educational activities during the schools’ closure and the lockdown in Dhulikhel.

Most students from FSF partner schools have no access to a virtual learning environment at their homes. Neither they get appropriate support from their parents and teachers, nor can have proper guidance to engage in learning activities during the lockdown in the area.

Hence, theĀ Nepal hub has already initiated to gather contact information of students of FSF partner schools to support and engage them through different modes of engagement such as phone communications, door-to-door visits, community visits, and online support depending on the situation of students and location. At the same time, the educational worksheets based on creative and fun activities are being prepared that will be distributed to students to engage whilst they’re at home.

Nepalese New Year.

On 14th April, Nepal welcomed its New Year on the basis of the Bikram Sambat calendar. People celebrated the new year by visiting temples and worshipping gods and eating delicious local meals and wishing happiness, good health, and prosperity. However, the new year this year was not celebrated like yesteryears because of fear of coronavirus.

The view from Dhulikel on the eve of the New Year.

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