Cambodia – April 2021

Written by our Cambodia Team.

Providing Study and Safety Equipment for Supplementary Education Classes.

In April 1st 2021, the government announced to closed all schools in Cambodia because COVID-19 cases in the community were increasing. The Supplementary Education Class Centre (SEC) was closed as well. We are still able to support our SEC students through remote and village class learning.

During this time, we have been able to provide study materials such as paper, whiteboards and tents for students who are studying in the village classes. In addition, we have supported SEC with safety equipment including masks and hand sanitiser to help protect students and their families against COVID-19.

Village Classes.

Due to all schools being closed, our current efforts are focused on helping children who don’t have online learning, through village classes. We are running these in seven villages and each of our SEC teachers have a small number of students of 5-8 in their teaching sessions per day. All teachers bring materials with them like text books, whiteboard, tents and other necessary equipment. In the SEC village our classes focus on English (conversational English and vocabulary), Khmer (reading and writing) and Math. We also assign homework for Monday-Friday. 

Cambodia team staff Phearom also supports all our SEC teachers in the villages by help teaching English and providing teaching materials. 

Recently, there are 430 students who attend in our village class project in all the seven villages.

COVID-19 Update.

In February 20th there was the third case of Covid-19 infection in community, till April 13th, the Covid-19 active case in Cambodia is increasing and confirmed cases are 4,696, with 33 deaths and 2,252 people recovered. Now the government close the schools in Cambodia and also lockdown the all the provinces in April 7th 2021 till April 20th after Khmer New Year. On the other hand, the government said, during Khmer New Year please all the people celebrate New Year at home and follow the instruction of the Ministry of Health to wash hand, wear mask, stand 1.5 meter distancing and check temperature.

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