India – April 2021

Written by our India Team.

Program Updates. 

In the month of March, FSF India hub has been working in close collaboration with the partner school to understand the abilities and needs of the student and also busy working with workshop planning on topic Food and Nutrition which is going to be delivered in the month of April. We planned 17 workshops and our aim is to reach 57 students of our partner school.

Update from Partner School/School Closure.

In the month of March, all schools had annual examination and students were busy preparing for the examination. After the exams there was the break for 10 days and the new session was supposed to be held in second week of April but due to sudden spike of second strain of coronavirus the government has ordered the closure of school on 27th March to 4th April, but the closure has now been extended till 21st April as a precautionary measure and its further likely to be extended and classes will be conducted through online platforms.

School closures have affected our workshop delivery but our workshops will therefore start as online sessions.

Holi Celebration in India.

In the month of March, all Hindus celebrate Holi festival also known as festival of colors. This festival celebrates the arrival of spring and harvest to come. The celebration begins with holika bonfire on the night before Holi begins. People gather, sing, and dance around the bonfire. The next day Holi begins early morning where people play, chase and color each other with dry powdered and colored water, with some carrying water guns and colored water filled balloons for their water fight.

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