Thailand – April 2021

Written by our Thailand Team.

Education and Learning Program.

After we have started our STEM workshops in February, at the end of March our hub finished delivering these workshops at our partner school in the hill tribe. The workshops supported teachers and students to ensure that students can keep learning English and engage in STEM activities that build up their critical thinking, problem solving and engineering skills. They can adapt what they have learnt to use in daily life. Some of the activities we ran included a colours capillary action experiment, robot hand, bobble stick shapes and making boats from recycled materials. Students have learnt how to make all of the things on their own and have reflected on how to improve them as well. 

We look forward to running new STEM activities with the students next semester!

Teacher Training Material

Not only did we run the STEM workshops for students this month, we also shared teacher training materials for teachers at one of our partner schools in the hill tribe area. This included sharing information about enquiry and experienced based learning and the STEM workshops. The teachers did the STEM workshops themselves to build their understanding.

Update from partner school.

Our partner schools are now on semester break from the 10th April – mid June. We will continue our Education and Learning programs to support teachers and students in our partner schools to build their knowledge and skills which will benefit them in the future. 

Community Clean-Up.

In last week of March 2021, when we finished our STEM workshop at our partner school, we also did our monthly community clean up in the village with students and engaged them in why we do this activity and how it helps their environment.

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