The latest from Nepal – November 2020!

Written by our Nepal Team.

Education box project.

Recently the FutureSense Foundation, Nepal hub initiated its ‘education box’ project in one of our partner schools, Harisiddhi Basic School, in Dhulikhel. Before the program, the FSF Nepal hub held a meeting with the principal, Mr. Banjara, and other teachers to learn about the recent situation of the school. According to the principal, most students did not get the appropriate learning environment at their homes during the lockdown.

As a result, some students have forgotten basic writing and reading skillsThe teachers are excited and feeling positive about the recent project by the FSF. They are happy to support the ‘education box’ project. The distribution of the educational worksheets was conducted successful under the guidance and instruction of the FSF staff. Twenty-six students, who are from low socio-economic backgrounds, from Grade 1-5 received the educational worksheets at the school. Teachers hope that the project will help the students to get engaged more and focus on their activities without feeling the burden of learning. 

The FSF learning model which is based on fun and creative activities is expected to bring all students back to normal learning activities. Similarly, students demonstrated the steps of handwashing taught by past volunteers before the FSF staff and teachers.

Virtual Internship.

On 10th Dec, the Nepal hub wrapped up its second virtual internship. Belinda McPherson, an intern, in her final presentation, presented her findings of 5 week-long internships on the issues of (mal)nutrition among adolescents and children. She also highlighted the types of malnutrition, factors affecting malnutrition, and why malnutrition is a problem in developing countries like Nepal.

The outlined curriculum which includes practical activities for school children, comparative analysis of nutritional issues of FSF hubs, and resources prepared by Belinda will be used to develop global curricula and deliver sessions and workshops at partner schools.

Partner schools update.

While the infection cases are still increasing in Dhulikhel and the Kathmandu valley, most schools have started reopening after months of remaining shut due to government restrictions. Schools in Dhulikhel have claimed to have implemented measures to prevent the transmission of CoVid-19. However, the effectiveness of safety protocols being followed in schools is questioned by the local people.

One of the teachers, Mrs. Shrestha, from the FSF partner school, Shwet Ganesh Basic School, told the FSF staff that the classes have started last week on a shift basis. However, she agrees that it is very difficult to convince the kids to follow certain measures such as maintaining social distance in and out of the classroom. The good news is that the students who enrolled in the school last year have started to come to school.

Covid-19 Update.

Life in Nepal is slowly getting back to normal despite increasing cases of coronavirus infections. All shops including grocery and supermarkets in Kathmandu and Dhulikhel are open. Vehicles are running on the street as before and local buses and taxis are full of passengers. People hardly wear masks and maintain social distance in Dhulikhel.

According to the latest report, the total number of active cases is 12,386 out of 2,45,650 total cases. The CoVid-19 death tally has reached 1663.

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