The latest from Thailand- November 2020!

Written by our Thailand Team.

Virtual internship program.

As was mentioned in our last update, we have 3 virtual interns currently focusing on the areas of education, environmental sustainability and youth development. The interns are completing projects related to these areas and researching & developing curriculum for our workshops. In November they completed their programs with us and we thanked our interns for their hard work and research in supporting us! Although these programs are finished, are work never stops, we are now preparing and looking forward to meeting our next group of interns starting in January, who will continue to support the development of our curriculum, which in-turn provides resources to support our partner schools.

Cooking show.

At the end of November we completed our first cooking show! In the demonstration we went through how to cook Pad Thai, as it is one of the most popular dishes in Thailand. Most of the ingredients in Pad Thai and Thai herbs like garlic, tamarind and spring onion which are frequently used by the Thai people as they believe it will support their health. From our cooking shows we will raise money that we can use to support the foundations programs across all of over hubs. We have three more cooking shows coming up in December, covering how to cook Pad Thai and Thai Green Curry.

Update from partner schools.

Our partner schools are currently on a semester break and will be opening for their second semester at the start of December. We are currently working on the development of our health learning material and more education boxes to continue to support our partners.

Community clean-up.

At the end of November, we did our monthly community clean up alongside the river, which is a place many people come to walk and exercise. We believe the small changes that we can make will have a larger impact, so we’re dedicated to continuing our community clean-ups and playing a part in inspiring and educating others around environmental sustainability and behaviour change.

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