The latest from Thailand – March 2020!

Written by our Thailand Team

In February we had a committed group of 8 volunteers and 3 faculty members run hearing tests and hearing related workshops across our partner schools and the wider community. The turn out of students, teachers and community members was great as everyone was eager to get their hearing tested and understand more on ear care. Even local health professionals queued up for the workshop to later be able to share the information in the community. It has been 20 years since the last community tests and was therefore a great opportunity for community members to participate infor free and by choosing to attend one fo the many
sessions organised for their benefit.

Program and Team Development:

In line with our values our team is continuously looking to grow, develop and adapt our programs for maximum benefit for our beneficiaries.

We are eager to put people and culture first and acknowledge the strength of all the individuals we work with and empower each and everyone to grow with passion, while embracing diversity, resilience and collaboration as corner stones in making this possible.

We are committed to continue building the capacity and knowledge of our beneficiaries, volunteers and hub team members alike.

Our volunteers receive 23 hours per fortnight in onboarding, preparation, and evening activities aimed at offering cultural immersion and personal growth as a global citizen.

Measuring our Reach and Impact….

It is that time of the year again when a school year is coming to its end in Thailand and we are running annual assessments on our impact.
In the past 6 months we have had 73 volunteers and 6 faculty members contribute towards our long-term development programs.


In the last 6 months our volunteers have offered 414h volunteer hours of Educational workshops to hilltribe students.

Principals and teachers report that students are more confident
and engaged as a result of these workshops and are eager to
keep working with us to improve the English and life-skills of the students.

We have engaged in monthly community clean up initiatives
with volunteers and students alike.


In the past 6 months our volunteers have worked for 1789.5 hours to
directly support the community in health initiatives.

They have engaged in health checks and screenings reaching
5’673 beneficiaries. Delivered 28h of workshops to 47 local
health professionals while delivering 35h 30min of first aid and
health workshops to 826 students and community members.

Our volunteers have conducted half day assessment camps
across our partner schools to assess our impact and have been
pleased to report students having a higher familiarity, efficiency
and technique when it comes to first response activities after
having received workshops by FSF volunteers.


We have offered immediate support to Save The
Elephant Foundation by directly working at their entities for
709h 20minutes and contributing to their work with
327’001.5 THB.

We have additionally worked to raise awareness in the wider
community on animal welfare and environmental sustainability.
Direct impact in Thai communities undetermined but all our
animal welfare and education volunteers report that they would
not ride or bathe with an elephant after having volunteered
with us. 

Over 50% of our volunteers engaging in animal welfare
projects proactively continue to raise awareness on animal
welfare after having volunteered with us.

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