Thailand – December 2020

Written by our Thailand Team.

Virtual Internship Program.

At the beginning of December 2020, we welcomed our January interns who will support us on our youth development program. They will work to create curricula outlines for enterprise skill development for youth aged 13-18 and community members. We look forward to working with them in January 2021.


Cooking Show. 

In December 2020 before Christmas we ran our second cooking show. We designed a show to make Green Curry as it’s one of the most popular dishes in Thailand. Thai people care about their health so they include herbs in most of their food as they believe it will help them to be healthy. Green curry includes many herbs like coriander seed, galangal and lemongrass. The cooking show will help us raise money that can be used to support the foundation as a whole.


Partner School Update. 

In the middle of December 2020 our staff visited and delivered education materials to our partner school in the hill-tribe to support the teachers. We are working on more education and health learning materials to continue to support our partner school.


hill tribe education 2
hill tribe education

Community Clean-Up.

When we visited our partner school in the hill-tribes in December, we also did a monthly community clean up with the students in the village. With the students we discussed why we do this activity and why it’s important to care for our planet. We will continue to complete community clean ups and be a part in inspiring people in environmental sustainability.


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