Thailand – March 2021

Written by our Thailand Team.

Education & Learning program. 

At the begin of February 2021, the Thai hub started their delivery of STEM workshops at our partner school in the hill tribes, every Monday and Tuesday, to support teachers and students to ensure that students can keep learning English and explore having fun trying to do things on their own. Students are also encouraged to learn from the activities to achieve improved results when trying it again, building their STEM knowledge.

In this month we have done a parachute activity, theatre activity, paper plane activity and pizza plate activity that student learn how to make it by they own and try to make it more functionable or look greater like they keep fixing their own parachute to make it fly in the air longer. We also look forward to do new STEM activity with student in next month!


Update from our partner school.

Mae umpok school, one of our partner schools have just held a Scout camp for students to learn essential survival skills that are needed to live their life in the jungle or places that don’t have facilities like electricity and gas. The students learnt skills like how to start a fire for cooking and tying knots. Due to our busy schedule we couldn’t join them this time but hope we can come along to the next camp to also build on own survival skills!


Community clean-up.

At the beginning of February 2021,when we visited to do STEM workshops at our partner school, we also did our monthly community clean up in the village with students. The students promised us that they will throw trash in the bins as well as separating their trash before putting it in a bin. 

We look forward to doing community clean ups with the students and seeing the changes. We believe that students will continue to change their behaviour as they learn more, as well as spreading this to their family and friends, to help save their environment. We will continue our community clean ups and be a part of inspiring others in environmental sustainability.

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