India – May 2021

Written by our India Team.

Program Updates.

In the month of April, a second wave of coronavirus hit India really bad and government had to shut down the schools and study is going through online platform. This really affected our ongoing projects.

In the meantime, FSF India team started to conduct the online interactive workshop on Health and Nutrition through google meet. We are excited to say that we deliver workshops twice a week, currently engaging 30 students from grade 1 to 6.

Together with our partner school we have also reached out to previously enrolled students that have moved to government schools because of Covid, to offer them the chance to participate in these online workshops. Ensuring they continue receiving our support when their families are going through even more hardship.

Challenges Faced by Partner Schools.

In the month of April, new session of school has started. Due to the covid situation 50% of students are not enrolled in the school and took admission in government school because of free education. The reason behind is that most of the students come from poor families and their parents lost their jobs due to covid and they are not able to pay tuition fee.

Community Updates.

Baisakhi and Navratri are two important festivals of India celebrated in the month of April.

Baisakhi is the spring harvest festival for Sikh and Hindu community. On this day people visit Gurudwara (temple) and take part in the special prayer meeting organised for the day.

The Navratri festival symbolises the victory of good over evil. It is celebrated as Goddess Durga worship for nine days. In the pre-covid times, people celebrate this festival with folksongs, dramas, fairs, dancing and music programmes. People visit temples and some people do fasting for 9 days.

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