Nepal – February 2021

Written by our Nepal Team.

Virtual Internships in Teacher Training and Women’s Health .

Nepal hub recently wrapped up 2 virtual internships in Teacher Training and Women’s Health.

The 3 weeks Teacher Training (TT) virtual internships came to an end on 29th January which was started on 11th January. During the internships, the Nepal hub coordinated the meetings with a group of local teachers to learn the education system, teaching methods, and challenges in teaching in Nepal. Moreover, the Nepal hub facilitated teachers’ training to local partner teachers which was delivered by the joint-hub (Nepal and Cambodia) interns. In addition, Nepal and Cambodia hub conducted a joint informative virtual orientation and in-country meeting.

The Teacher Training (TT) virtual internship was aimed to develop a curriculum for FSF global programs on the basis of inquiry and experience-based learning methods. The modules and lesson plans developed by the interns include the topics of STEM, conversational English, creative expression, and environment.

Similarly, the 5 weeks virtual internship in women’s health issues has been concluded on 4th February which was started on 4th January. The intern has focused on the issues and challenges related to menstruation and menstrual hygiene among girls in schools in Nepal.

During the internship, the Nepal hub coordinated meetings with two local public health experts- Dr. Laxmi Tamang, the president of the Midwifery Society of Nepal and Dr. Binjwala Shrestha, a women’s rights activist, and a nurse, Mrs. Rakhi Byanju, working in Dhulikhel hospital. Similarly, in-country team meetings helped the intern to provide information related to menstrual hygiene and the status of FSF partner schools.

The Women’s Health internship was aimed to develop modules and lesson plans to raise awareness and overcome the challenges related to menstruation and menstrual hygiene.


Virtual Teacher Training.

In January, the FSF Nepal hub coordinated and facilitated the virtual TT session with the Nepal-Cambodia joint-hub interns. The interns: Talea, Avnoor, Paris, and Henrica, students of the Queensland University of Technology, delivered the virtual session to the teachers of partner schools. Mr. Indra Manandhar from Shwet Ganesh School, Mrs. Shova Sapkota and Mr. Chet Lama from Purna Sanjeevani School, Mr. Shiva Banjara from Shreekhandapur School, and Mr. Benet Jacob from SV Academy were present in the training session. The training session covered the issues of exam stress, lecture vs experiential learning, inquiry-based learning, formative vs summative assessment, and different learning styles.

The 2 hour TT session was prepared and delivered on the basis of the findings of meetings with local teachers and in-country meetings in Nepal.


Supporting Students in Educational Activities. 

Nepal hub recently visited Harisiddhi Basic School in Dhulikhel to learn the impact of the education box project which was launched in November 2020 to involve the students in educational activities while the school was closed due to lockdown. The educational activities were based on FSF Model, inquiry, and experience-based learning.

In a discussion session with the students, it was found that the senior students enjoyed and completed the worksheets while some junior students struggled to complete them. Nepal hub assisted and guided them to do the educational worksheets.

Rishiram Sapkota, a teacher of the school, told that the education box project helped the students to get involved in writing and reading activities during the school closure.

Despite running distance learning through television, FM radio, and other virtual apps by the local government, most students did not have access to the internet, television, and FM radio to continue their study during the lockdown. The worksheets prepared and distributed by the FSF Nepal hub have helped the students to bring them back to normal learning activities.


Partner Communication.

Nepal hub continued communications with its partner schools throughout the month via mobile calls and school visits. The FSF partner schools have resumed their normal classes from January as the infection cases in Dhulikhel has significantly decreased from last month. Mr. Sudarshan Banskota, a teacher from Harisiddhi School, told us that the school is currently developing its academic calendar and activities.

However, there is still a fear of spreading coronavirus in the community because people hardly maintain physical distance and wear facemasks. Contact tracing and testing is limited by the government and everything seems to have come to a (new) normal situation.

Neeru is on leave.

Neeru Tuladhar, the programme coordinator of the Nepal hub, is on leave since the last week of January. Her mother had ovarian surgery in January and now has been discharged from the hospital.

As Neeru is the only person to take care of her mother at home and take her to hospitals for regular check-ups and medication, she is not able to continue her work during February. She will be resuming her work from March. FSF Nepal hub wishes her mom’s speedy recovery.


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