Cambodia – February 2021

Written by our Cambodia Team.

February program in Supplementary Education Class Centre. 

In February our Supplementary Education Classes Centre (SEC) is running as normal. Although, covid-19 disease continues to increase in Cambodia, the SEC is still functioning well and we are seeing an increase in the number of students who attended the SEC class most every day. In the supplementary education classes students must have their temperature checked, wear a mask and wash their hands before classes, following the Ministry of Health conditions. 

Recently, there are 431 students that are attending our classes. Student numbers are increasing because after schools started reopening, CAD staff (Phannith and Ah Run) worked hard to promote and find more students in the community who could attend SEC classes.


Teacher Training Sessions in 2021. 

At the beginning of January from the 18th, the Cambodia team have been delivering teacher training (TT) to our SEC teachers who are located in Centre 3 (new building). Teacher Training sessions have been designed to run for 11 weeks from January 18th until March 30th, including 23 topics for 23 hours of delivery. The sessions are running twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday evening from 4-5pm. 


Virtual Internships.

There are two virtual internships working on Teacher Training in the Cambodia hub. Their internship ran for three weeks from January 11th until January 29th. In the internship process, the Cambodia team coordinated meetings with a group of local NGO’s, including Children’s Action for Development and the Supplementary Education Class Centre teachers for the interns to learn about the education system, teaching methods and challenges in Cambodia. During, the internship, Cambodia team facilitated teachers’ training about STEM activity. The activity is called ‘Make a boat that will float’ with SEC ‘s teachers which was delivered by the Cambodia team, joint-hub (Cambodia and Nepal ) interns.

The aim of the teacher training virtual internship is to develop the Futuresense Foundation (FSF)’s curriculum focuses on inquiry and experience-based learning methods. The modules and lesson plans developed by thei nterns include the topics of STEM, conversational English, creative expression, and the environment.


Jordy leaving the Foundation. 

She is Jordy! Jordy has been working as the Program Manager for our India hub and has simultaneously stepped up as the acting Program Manager in Cambodia. We are so proud to her and so thankful to her support FSF programs, hubs and team members and helps training our community teachers. She drives a long way to train teacher at the Supplementary Education Class centre (SEC teacher). We all wish her and her partner and their family happiness.


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