Thailand – February 2021

Written by our Thailand Team.

Virtual Internship Program.

At the end of January 2021, our interns who joined our Livelihood and Income Generation program have completed research related to financial practices and awareness that youth(13-18yrs) and community members have. They have also created a survey and seperate curricula outlines for enterprise skills related to financial practice and awareness for youth and community members. We will use these materials to develop our programs which can also be used by other FSF hubs on a global scale. This will help to improve youth and community member knowledge and opportunities to achieve more resilient livelihoods.


Meeting with virtual interns.

Update from our partner school.

Learning Material:

In middle of January 2021 our partner school sent us pictures and videos of students using our learning material that we create gave to them last December. We are really happy that we have been able to support the teachers and see students enjoy learning from the material. Next month we look forward to running workshops and activities with the students.

Water Pump:

After we heard that Mae Umlong school, one of our partner schools was facing a problem of lacking water to use in daily life, we started working on fundraising to support them to get a waterpump. Finally, at the end of January we were able to fund for them to get a water pump. We are really proud that we have been able to support the school and look forward to hearing more from them about how it works after they get the water pump!


Students from our partner school with their learning material.

Community clean-up. 

In the last week of January 2021 when we visited our partner school for interviews with our interns, we also did our monthly community clean up in the village. We did the clean up with the students here and spoke to them about why we do this activity and how their behaviour can impact the environment. We believe that each student can change their behaviour and tell their family and friends to consider their behaviour as well, helping each other to save their environment. We still continue our community clean-ups and are playing a part in inspiring people in environmental sustainability.


Community clean-up with local students.

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