The latest from Cambodia – April 2020!

Written by our Cambodia Team

The Cambodia hub has been working with our partner organisation Children’s Action for Development to provide outreach services in villages and connect with students who cannot access our supplementary education program due to Government closures. The main purpose of this outreach has been to check in on the welfare of students and provide medical information about Covid-19 as well as sanitation and hygiene practices that can help keep people safe. In one recent village visit our Community Coordinator Phearom spent 4 hours in Ta Khorm and was able to meet with 21 students from 9 families, working alongside 5 staff from CAD who spoke with many more.

To aid these conversations we have been provided with large educational posters covering the signs and symptoms of the virus and hand-washing, which have been placed in prominent places in each village that is visited. We have also posted two posters on the outside gate of our volunteer house so that people in our local area can also stay informed. 

COVID-19 Update

While it is likely that a lack of medial facilities and resources has led to under reporting of the virus, Cambodia is still being celebrated for doing well at containing the virus, with only 122 reported cases and no deaths to date. There have been no new reported cases of Coronavirus in the past 22 days (as of 5th May) and only two active cases remain in the Kingdom, both of whom are receiving medical care.

With the imminent recovery of the last two cases expected any day, Cambodia will become the first country in the world to achieve 100% recovery from the virus. However the WHO has warned that Cambodia cannot become complacent as there is still a high risk of a ‘second wave’ pandemic if the country eases restrictions too soon.

Cats Corner

Sasha and Wobbles have been working hard to protect their humans and the FSF office from Covid-19 by keeping hold of a checkpoint outside our office. They are pictured here on duty, sleeping on the office steps.

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