The latest from Thailand – May 2020!

Written by our Thailand Team

Current situation in Thailand.

This past month, the Thailand team has been focused on building an Education Box for all students across our partners to do as a home work. This box will help keep them focused and engaged in their school work since the start of the school year was delayed for a month due to COVID-19 shutdowns.

This month saw the start of rainy season in Thailand, which helped a lot for the environment as well as helping to control the fires burning across the region. The rain has also helped clear the smoke, which can be very dangerous for people’s health. We are happy for the rain to help with the high temperatures of 44 degrees!

The Covid19 lockdown will continue through to the end of June however Thailand is seeing a largely reduced number of active COVID-19 cases. Currently the country only has 8 new cases and has maintained no new deaths for the past few weeks.

Team Update.

As June begins we said goodbye to Victoria as she leaves the FutureSense Foundation Thailand team. She will be returning home to Finland due to the CoVid-19 global situation after having worked for 2 years as the Country Operations Manager. The team have learned a lot from her as she worked hard for the hub, the partners and the team. We wish her the best in her next steps!

This month, we conducted the annual house blessing ceremony. In Thailand, this is usually done between mid May – mid June. Commonly, it is conducted to ensure protection of the house and people who stay there. The local team prepared food and
drink for the ceremony and the house is ready to welcome volunteers back as soon as it is safe to do so.

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