The latest from India – May 2020!

Written by our India Team

What’s been happening at the India hub.

A message from Program Manager, Jordy. 

This month the India team have been looking at the world around us through the lens of sustainability and environment. With the world constantly changing, we are reminded of the importance of protecting the natural environment in order for the communities that we work with to thrive. Across the country we have seen the incredible transformation of cities and towns as pollution levels have plummeted, and in Palampur the streets are empty of the huge levels of waste that usually litters them.

While sustainability has been a focus of FutureSense globally, the lockdown in India
has given the local team the time to really look at what our sustainability goals mean
for our work. We have been working hard to develop a sustainability plan for the hub
which demonstrates our commitment to prioritising sustainable thinking as the world
gets back to a new normal and we likely see a return of the negative impacts of human
activity on the climate.

COVID-19, clean air and the climate.

Community Coordinator, Neha reflects on the benefits of India’s long lockdown. 

“In India the lockdown has brought some beneficial things to the environment. The
weather is very pleasant these days as the temperature is around 25 to 28 degree
centigrade and pollution is minimal since I have seen for a long time. As people are
mostly eating home cooked food and avoiding going to crowded places some health related issues have also gone down. The most beneficial effect of Covid-19 is that the
common people have started taking care of cleanliness in and around themselves.”

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