The latest from Cambodia – May 2020!

Written by our Cambodia Team

What’s been happening at the Cambodia hub.

Throughout the month FSF and CAD staff continued to travel into the villages to meet with families and deliver lessons to students.

It seems that this mode of teaching will be necessary for the majority of 2020 as the Government has announced that schools will most likely not open until the new school year in November.

Cambodia hub staff have also been busy working with the teachers and office staff at our partner organisation Children’s Action for Development to help prepare materials for our new CAD Supplementary Education Centre which we will start building in 2021.

This month’s projects included painting and upcycling old tyres to create fencing and plant pots, adding colour to the space.

The kids also love playing on these bouncy old tyres at our other centres which is a bonus!

Staff Birthday!

We started this month with by celebrating our Community Coordinator Phearom’s birthday. Happy 24th birthday Phearom and thank you for the work you do for the Cambodia hub!

Rainy season in Battambang

May has bought with it a shift in weather, signalling the very slow and much welcomed approach of the rainy season, also known as ‘green season’ due to the incredibly vibrant green hues that emerge across the countryside.

Beginning in May all the way through to October, the country receives 75% of it’s annual rainfall during this period. The beginning of rainy season in Battambang is an important time for farmers in as they plow their fields and prepare to cultivate crops such as rice.

This time is especially crucial during Covid-19 as the Agricultural Ministry has stressed the need for increasing crop cultivation across the country to protect food reserves and stabilise the price of staples. At FutureSense, we celebrate the season as it soaks the volunteer house with some much needed rain in the afternoons and cools temperatures from the soaring summer heat of 37+ degree days!

COVID-19 Update

The Covid-19 situation remained stable throughout the May with only 2 new cases after more than a month of no new reports. These 2 new cases are the only active cases known within the country, with the government reporting that 122 out of 124 total confirmed cases have been “cured”.

Social distancing is still being encouraged however we are seeing a return to life as normal on the streets of Battambang and many are worried that Cambodia has not yet seen the worst of the virus.

Staff of the Month!

The May award for staff of the month goes to Sasha for her unending commitment to supporting her colleagues through the ups and downs of working in the field.

Sasha embodies a joy for life that we could all learn from and is a strong advocate for work-life balance.

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