Cambodia – December 2020

Written by our Cambodia Team.

December program in Supplementary Education Classes. 

In December the Covid-19 cases increased. Due to this increase, private and government schools closed. Our Supplementary Education Class (SEC) also closed for two weeks but SEC teachers are still working to help the kids in the community by teaching online classes. The community teachers all come to our partner organization, Children’s Action For Development (CAD) office to record videos and share to the students. After two weeks of being closed, the students came back to the classes to study as normal. In the supplementary education classes the Ministry of Health’s instructions are followed by check temperature’s, wear masks and wash hands before classes.

Recently, there are 381 students that attendance our classes in each centre. Centre 1 has 160, Centre 2 has 75 and Centre 3 has 146 students. 


Preparing for virtual interns.

In December 2020, the FSF Cambodia team was busy in planning to welcome two virtual interns from Queensland University of Technology. Their internship is focused on our teacher training program (TTP). Cambodia team has confirmed meetings with community teachers and our partner organisation, Childrens Action for Development (CAD) for the virtual interns.

Henrica Burns and Paris Northwood are from the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane. Their internship will run for 3 weeks, beginning from the 11th of January. The objective of their virtual internship project with the Cambodia team is to develop a teacher training curricula, in collaboration with the Nepal interns, for FSF Global Programs – using inquiry and experience-based learning methods. 


COVID-19 Update. 

Cambodia confirmed one more COVID-19 case, bringing the total number of infected people to 366. Current positive cases in Cambodia are in relation to the migrants have returned from abroad, testing positive for COVID-19. The positive cases are in isolation at Pailin Referral Hospital and Battambang ReferralHospital and some other new workers are kept in quarantine at a quarantine centre for 14 days.

In response, the Prime Minister ordered authorities to: strengthen health screening and quarantine measure son all international checkpoints and corridors along Cambodia-Thailand borders. And to strengthen treatment capacity of the provinces along the border especially Battambang. Moreover, he announce to all schools (Public and government school) that they must follow the Ministry of Health’s instruction to protect the infection and live with good hygiene practices.


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