The latest from Thailand – Dec 2019!

Written by our Thailand Team

Our hub team and volunteers have taken part in local fun runs (or marathons as locally known) that aim to raise money for local schools. We have upped the stakes a bit more and included a fundraising component aiming to support our programs. With two fundraising runs an 8 volunteers participating we have almost reached our target which will allow us to install a water pump, tank and system for MUL hilltribe!

The first run took place in November and was a huge success with Dani finishing her run as the first female in the 4.5km run category and thus taking home a prize. The second one will take place on December 8th so please cheer us on in spirit when we are up at 5am get ready to race!

Welcome Sienna!

We are excited to have Sienna join our team as a VMPC!

She has settled in quickly and has greatly been able to draw upon her volunteering experience at the Cambodian hub. 

Sienna has already delivered workshops in local schools and getting back into the swing of FutureSense life. 

November Groups

We currently have 3 groups in-country that all arrived at the end of November.

  • Paramedic 2
  • Veterinary Volunteers
  • Elephants and Hilltribe volunteers

All groups are hard at work taking care of the health and wellbeing of human and animals alike

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