The latest from Nepal – June 2020!

Written by our Nepal Team

What’s new in Nepal?

The COVID-19 cases have increased drastically after the government declared to ease the ongoing nationwide lockdown in Nepal. The infected cases have reached 12,772 with 28 deaths as of today’s record (29th June, 2020).

With the increasing numbers of cases in the country, around 1,200 people are reported to have committed suicide during the lockdown. At the same time, there are news that people are developing the mental distress due to the loss of jobs and business, especially in the tourism and transport sectors.

However, the Dhulikhel city records no death and infection cases of COVID-19 in the community until now and people are running their small business including vegetable shops. The people’s mobility is increasing within the main areas in the city during the morning and evening times while it’s been raining for few days because the monsoon has just begun.

Dhulikel city after the lockdown was eased

Partner Schools Update.

We are constantly in contact with our partner schools to update the situation of the students and encourage the teachers to communicate with students.

The schools’ principals are holding the meetings with the staff of municipality office regarding the further academic plans. The students have received the course books from the schools in coordination with the education department. Students are advised to do self-study at homes. Those students who have access to radios and television at their homes have started the distance learning classes.

The schools have opened their administration offices for the students’ registration, course book distribution and school’s academic planning.

Recently, the Nepal hub visited the schools and interacted with the teachers to support the students in doing their homework. For this, the Nepal hub is updating and developing its curriculum and planning to work with students.

School visits in Dhulikel

Neeru’s Environmental Corner!

Despite having difficulties in daily normal life activities during the lockdown, people in Kathmandu have experienced better air quality thanks to less number of vehicles on the streets and beautiful plants and flowers on the pavement. Clean roads, sky without the layers of pollutions and majestic Himalayan views have made the people of Kathmandu realize the importance of clean and sustainable environment. 

Last week, Neeru interacted with the people in Kathmandu and Dhulikhel regarding the conservation of the environment to live a better and healthy life. She is, however, worried that after the lockdown is lifted, the environment will be polluted again in Kathmandu. In her free time at home, Neeru built a garden on the backyard by planting some flowers by using the wasted local resources like tyres.

Neeru's garden

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