Thailand March Update

Written by our Thai Team

Be prepared and ready for the journey ahead!

At the beginning of February 2022 the Covid – 19 situation worsened. All our partners school students were not allowed outside therefore could not attend their lessons, however when the restrictions have lifted they can return back to school.

FutureSense Foundation Thailand have already prepared material and resources and are ready to deliver workshops at our partner schools. We really look forward to delivering English STEM workshops (Experience base learning) to our partner schools when they allow us to return. 

We believe that the Life skills (from STEM workshop) will be beneficial for our students in the future to give them better opportunities in life. 

Virtual internships

FutureSense Foundation have now partnered with Aflatoun International, who are an international NGO based in the Netherlands that specialises in developing social and financial awareness curricular for NGOs and government schools, working in all parts of the world.

To be able to use the curricular, FutureSense foundation Thailand have Virtual interns that have supported us to be able to contextualise the curricular.

We plan to finish contextualising the curricular and be able to use it to deliver workshops to our partner school in May 2022. The students can benefit from this by building their social and financial skills, which we believe will be beneficial for them in the future.

Community Clean ups 

At the end of February 2022 The FutureSense Foundation Thailand team did a community clean up to raise awareness on environmental sustainable in the local community.

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