An Update on COVID-19

The Impact.

The FutureSense Foundation heavily rely on the funding that comes from our volunteers in supporting our international hubs, and the communities we engage with and support. Due to COVID-19, our volunteer numbers coming from both the UK and Australia have been greatly impact, due to the uncertainty around the situation and global travel restrictions. We are facing a period of likely an entire year with no volunteers. 

As a global community, it has never been more important to come together to ensure the future of our programs and more importantly, support our beneficiaries in Thailand, Cambodia, India, Nepal and Peru, whose livelihoods are vulnerable. We know that with our global community coming together, from all parts of the world, we will be able to increase our fundraising efforts and ensure the future of our Foundation, and the communities we support. If you are able to contribute any amount, big or small, you will be helping us make an impact. 

How you can help.

We do not know when the situation will improve, so we have started a fundraiser with the aim of raising enough money so that we can support our communities through the next few months until things return to normal again. A crisis like this is when the most vulnerable around the world need us the most, and we are determined to continue to support them. The UN report has found that COVID-19 is reversing decades of global progress that has been made on poverty, healthcare and educational outcomes. In addition, we’re bracing for the first rise in global poverty in decades, with an estimated 71 million people being expected to be pushed back into extreme poverty in 2020. We are deeply concerned and are doing all we can to lesson the impacts of COVID-19. 

If you are in a position to help us, we would be so grateful if you could make a donation via the link below and share this post to spread the word. No donation of fundraising effort is too small or too large, ever cent counts!

Now, more than ever, we believe that Together We Can, make a difference. 

If you are in the UK, please donate to our Virgin Money Giving page.