Learning English for Dream Job

A students engagement in Conversational English classes

Miss Phatcharee Sawangthammakum or May as we call her, is a graduate from Hak Mai Tai School in Thailand. Hak Mai Tai is one of our partner schools where we among other things deliver Conversational English workshops for students. We work with the students to assist their learning, and build on their English skills through interactive inquiry and experience based workshops. The workshops focus on conversational language skills and language that can be used in the student’s daily lives. May shares her experiences from the workshops with us:

“Before I participated in the English workshops with FutureSense I didn’t know anything about English. When I saw foreigners, I would walk away and not talk with them because I didn’t know how to and felt scared.”


May has participated in our conversational English workshops for 3 consecutive years from grade 7 to grade 9. It has made her feel much more confident and improved her command of the language. 

May with FSF volunteer

“My English may not be perfect, but I can understand foreigners now and they can understand me. I also feel less shy and always try to talk with them [foreigners] if I have a chance.”


Our model for improving the quality of education in the communities where we work, focuses on running workshops that allow the students to participate and actively engage in their education. This allows students to learn, practice their skills, and building on their confidence.

“I love to learn English with FutureSense as the workshops focus on conversation that I can use in a real situation, like when I meet foreigners. This way, I feel like I improve faster and learn more that I actually remember, and not just learn just for exams.”


May tells us how learning English through FutureSense workshops was fun. She recalls not feeling any pressure but feeling comfortable to engage, speak and ask questions. May continues to practice her English during her final year of high school as her dream is to work for an NGO in Africa for a while. She says this comes from inspiration from FutureSense and a desire to support others, particularly around their quality of life.

More permanently, she aspires to go to university to become a teacher in her hometown to help others learn and improve equality for the ethnic minorities in Thailand. May is committed to her current studies and future studies as she continues to study in high school and is working part time in a laundry shop to save up for University.

We are very proud of May for her commitment to her studies and for sharing her dreams with us. As a foundation, we support people to improve their skills, knowledge, and opportunities.