Nepal August 2022 Newsletter

Nepal Hub- August

This month our Nepal hub has had numerous groups visit and help facilitate workshops in the schools.

10 students and 2 faculty members from Thurston Sixth Turing Group had a productive 2 weeks with FutureSense Foundation, Nepal Hub working at a School in Dhulikhel.
The group engaged 60 local students (Grade 4 and 5) in creative arts and conversational English to develop their English language in a fun and way. Besides, the group supported the local students to develop their physical, social, and emotional well-being through different fun and engaging activities. The activities included games, songs, teamwork activities on rotation, paper chains, and drawings.
The group has painted a beautiful mural on the wall of the classroom that symbolizes the value of global citizenship.

The group of 19 students and 6 faculty members from the White Horse Federation was a well-organized group. The group built rapport easily and made connections with 33 local students from Grade 6 and 7 at one of our partner schools. The group delivered a range of creative and fun activities on arts and drawing, singing songs, and a game of hangman which the local students loved!

The workshop activities covered the topics of personal health and the importance of managing waste. The impressive and influential educational games and activities have helped the students to understand the importance of physical, social, and emotional wellbeing. The FutureSense Foundation, Nepal, and the school family are proud of the group’s efforts and thankful for their contributions.

Royal Holloway (16th July-13th August) A group of 4 participants from Royal Holloway focused their workshop delivery to local students on teamwork and sports activities to manage the
stress for their physical, social, and emotional well-being. The activities involved the local students help to build confidence, to manage stress, and to learn a healthy lifestyle.
In the first week, the group engaged in learning the FutureSense curriculum and model including the local culture, tradition, and language in Dhulikhel.
During the second week, the group conducted different educational games and delivered workshops on the topics of stress management to 32 local students from Grade 5 and 8 at a school in Dhulikhel.

In the final week, the group delivered the identified topics on stress management to 23 local students from Grade 6 and 7 in a school in Kathmandu. 

Health Care Interns develop awareness around sexual health

Our 2 interns from Australia have recently completed their project to develop modules and prepare a brief report on the prevalence of cervical cancer and its risk factors for school children. The interns interacted with focus groups: local women, local students, Beyond the Beijing-a local NGO, and a health professional from Dhulikhel hospital. They identified the women’s health issues around sexual health, contraception, STIs, and cervical cancer.

The interns delivered 3 workshops to local students from Grade 8 at one of our partner Schools on the topics of values, culture,  decision making, consent, sexual health, STIs, contraception, and cervical cancer. Similarly, they delivered 2 workshops to local women’s groups on cervical cancer to make local women aware of the potential risks of cervical cancer and its prevention.

Tree Plantation

This month, the FutureSense participants from the Royal Holloway, Thurston, The White Horse Federation, and In-country Interns planted a total number of 86 saplings. The saplings were planted near the Shanti Ban and Kali Temple area in Dhulikhel.
The sapling plantation aims to offset the carbon footprints produced by FutureSense participants.
During the third week, the group engaged in workshop planning and developed lessons on emotions and stress management. The lessons included the five Rs such as rethink, relax, release, reduce and re-organize to manage the stress.

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