Thailand Hub August Newsletter

Thailand Hub August Newsletter

When learning is happening everywhere!

FutureSense Foundation Thailand, has received a lot of support for in-country groups who came to deliver high-quality workshops in the past few months. With the hard work and dedication, we have engaged 316 students in fun and educational activities as follows;

We cannot deny that social and financial skills have always been beneficial and even more crucial in the era of globalization. FutureSense Foundation members are well aware of this fact.

Therefore, with the great contribution of UK participants, they delivered the first social and financial awareness projects in two hill tribe schools so the students can have access to social and financial skills even though they are in the most challenging area.

Moreover, the participants engaging in delivering STEAM activities also made us proud when we could equip local students with life skills as well as academic knowledge through the creative experiments and projects that can bring about real scientific principles in a fun, hands-on way.

These activities were not only focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and, Math; but also touched on the topic of Climate action which is one of UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Although we have been working on various topics of the activities, we never leave the English curriculum which is the foundation of learning behind!

The conversational English workshops were hold in a setting of peer-to-peer learning and it’s truly unforgettable.

With the expertise in English communication, the project participants shared those skillsets and knowledge with the local students at. The ambiance of the workshops was considered true joy when rote learning did not limit their English learning anymore! 

So far we have planted more than 700 trees in the communities!

This month we had paramedic student groups support our programmes, they delivered workshops regarding first aid training and road, fire, and electricity safety to the local students.

The paramedic group also came to exchange knowledge concerning first aid with the local rescuers and medical staff. All of these activities are designed based on community needs.

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