Nepal Hub July Newsletter

Nepal Hub July Newsletter

Over the month of June and July our Nepal Hub has numerous groups visit them from overseas to help facilitate workshops. 

Nottingham College 

10 students and 2 faculty members from Nottingham Turing College had a productive 2 weeks at Nepal Hub working at Purna Sanjeevani School in Dhulikhel.

The group facilitated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) workshops for primary-level learners from Grade 4 and 5. Their ages range from 10-11 years. The workshops engaged the 38 learners through creative activities, critical thinking, and solving problems collaboratively. The learners got involved actively with the Nottingham Turing College group.

The STEM workshops focused on the topics of Gravity and Aerodynamics, Chromatography, Compression and Engineering, Pulling Forces, 2D and 3D shapes, Human Anatomy, and Sports.

The Nottingham Turing College group was the first FutureSense Participants to come to the country after 2 and a half years to engage the learners in Dhulikhel. Schools across the country were closed formally for more than a year during the pandemic in 2020-21.

Abbeygate Sixth Form

The Nepal hub loved having this group of 14 students and 3 faculty members from Abbeygate Sixthform College. They were an extremely well organized and hard-working group, who made deep connections with the grade 6 and 7 (ages 11-12 years) students at Purna Sanjeevani School. They delivered a range of very impressive and influential workshops on climate action to 32 learners, which they loved! For example, they covered topics such as the importance of pollination, the concept, and the  importance of recycling including the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), natural and man-made waste, the impact of waste, and waste reductions.
Overall, the FutureSense Nepal hub and the school family are proud of the group’s efforts and extremely thankful for their contributions.

St Peter’s 

20 students and 3 faculty members from St. Peters Turing College delivered the environment sustainability workshops in Mt. View School in Dhulikhel. The group facilitated a series of climate action workshops to the learners of grades 5-7. The learners’ ages range from 10-12 years. There
was a total number of 90 learners involved in the workshops.
The group covered topics including global warming, wildlife disruption, vegetarianism,
pollution, and natural disasters. They also formed an eco-club in the school. The eco club will
continue to help students in the activities such as school clean-up, waste segregation and
disposing of waste in the right bins in school.

Tree Planting

FutureSense Foundation, Nepal Hub has initiated planting saplings in Dhulikhel by its participants and groups in 2019. This year, the FutureSense participants from the Nottingham, Abbeygate Sixth Form, and St. Peters Turing Colleges and Community Challenge have continued to plant saplings in Dhulikhel in June and July. A total
number of 53 participants planted at least 2 saplings near the Shanti Ban and Kali Temple area in Dhulikhel.
The sapling plantation aims to offset the carbon footprints produced by FutureSense participants.

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