the futuresense foundation overview of goal 6.

  • Goal 6, Clean Water & Sanitation

Our health programs seek to address core issues related to Goal 6 within access to clean water and sanitation facilities in schools, the home, and the community in general. Across all hubs, it has been a priority to make sure that clean drinking water is accessible to our beneficiaries, not only directly providing clean drinking water, but also working with both adults and children to facilitate workshops and activities that highlight the importance of clean water sources, water purification methods, and water access for health, as well as hygiene. Our communities shared with us a need for more handwashing facilities to increase hygiene and sanitation, which helped to guide our work. We hope to continue building these around our hubs but also to provide updated and hygienic toilets for the schools and communities to address the major issue of lack of access to toilets, such as we see in our Nepal and India hubs. These will also provide a clean and safe space for young women to maintain healthy female hygiene.

Our Programs in Relation to Goal 6.

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    Handwashing stations

    Built in Nepal, Cambodia and India to ensure basic sanitation is provided.

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    Water tank system

    Installed for drinking water and general water access for 1,200 students in Tanzania.

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    Future projects

    In planning for building sanitary toilets for students across multiple hubs to ensure safe toileting – especially for girls.