The futuresense foundation overview of goal 4.

  • Goal 4, Quality Education.

Quality education is the backbone of our programs at the FutureSense Foundation. Ensuring and promoting quality education is entwined through each and every one of our programs.  We work towards providing children with access to not just education, but quality education in disadvantaged communities. This involves a variety of elements, but most notably our Teacher Training looks at how we can support the delivery of quality education to children and build the capacity of local teachers. In addition, we believe in a more practical education where the information is delivered through fun and engaging workshops and activities, with the purpose of providing students with conversational English skills and transferable life skills. We strongly believe that empowering students to be curious, creative and engaged will have a positive impact on their desire and ability to learn, as well as their ability to think creatively and become change-makers in their own communities.

Our Programs in Relation to Goal 4.

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    Funding education

    We fully fund the Children’s Action for Development (CAD) in Cambodia which provides free supplementary education to children identified as at risk, or living on the poverty line.

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    Teaching training

    Delivered in Cambodia with pre-service teachers from QLD Universities.

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    Cross-curriculum focus

    Our education programs look at how quality education can be delivered through not just conversation English sessions, but life skills and cross-curriculum opportunities like drama, sustainability and art.