The FutureSense foundation overview of goal 3

  • Goal 3, Good Health and Wellbeing

Our programs focus on many of the challenges faced in achieving Goal 3. Specifically we look at:

  • Increased education and universal access to WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene services)
  • Increased education in relation to tropical diseases including malaria
  • Climate change and environmental health education, looking at reducing the negative impacts from environmental degradation, air pollution and plastics.

In addition, our programs look to tackle challenges identified within the communities we work with, whether these are related to girls and women’s health, diet and nutrition, non-communicable diseases, first aid and/or mental health. Ensuring good health and wellbeing is a key pillar of our foundation and our health programs are delivered in all of the countries where we work alongside the targets under Goal 3. Our Community Coordinators in each country work with local community groups and key members to identify health issues and concerns, so that our programs and long-term outcomes can be built to address these and focus on the development of long-term sustainability of health, in the community. COVID-19 will pose a huge challenge to these programs, pushing more families into poverty and placing strain on inadequate health systems.

Our Programs in Relation to Goal 3.

  • Handwashing stations

    Constructed at partner schools in Nepal, Cambodia and India.

  • Mental health programs

    Highlighting a commitment to our holistic health and wellbeing programs with the first rolled out in Nepal.

  • First aid education

    Delivered in Thailand in hill-tribe communities, with the local police department and volunteer first responders.

  • Nutrition programs

    Mostly based in Peru, looking at education around healthy and less healthy foods and knowledge about what each food contains alongside the planting of fruit and vegetable gardens.