The FutureSense Foundation overview of goal 2

  • Goal 2, Zero Hunger

Hunger comes from lack of access to food as well as economic disparities that do not allow for full bellies. Although our work toward Goal 2 is less direct, as we do not specifically have a food program, we are supporting the decline in hunger through a number of key areas that address larger issues and can directly affect food scarcity, whether because of environmental impacts, or economic ones. Our programs provide key educational resources and information related to health and nutrition, but also provide an increase in education and skills which can directly link to more opportunities for employment and income. We build our programs to address key needs in the community with a long-term and sustainable lens to ensure that not only immediate needs, but larger needs can be addressed and met.

Our Programs in Relation to Goal 2.

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    Snack and water program

    Delivered at Supplementary Education Centres in Cambodia to ensure children have basic food and water in addition to their educational support.

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    Nutrition workshops

    Delivered with children and adults to learn about our bodies and health.

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    Community gardens

    Developed in Cambodia to promote growing your own food, understanding agriculture and harvest, as well as enabling a small income from selling produce