the futuresense foundation overview of goal 17.

  • Goal 17, Partnerships for the Goals.

We believe that our partnerships are what makes us stand out from other organisations. We believe in local partnerships to guide our approach and long-term sustainability goals. It is through these relationships that we can identify key target areas and populations, as well as understand local, cultural and contextual issues. With the support of our local partners, we gain access to information, strategies, and resources that allow us to develop stronger and more impactful program activities, to address needs more specifically for our beneficiaries. As a global organisation, it is paramount for us to have local experts and connections that drive forward our community projects. It is our local partners that ensure our programs are relevant, and beneficial and provide the opportunity for continued growth and development.

Our Programs in Relation to Goal 17

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    Supplementary Education Program

    Delivered with the Children's Action for Development (CAD), this is a shared program funded by us and implemented by CAD.

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    Elephant Nature Park

    Partnership with our volunteers supporting the work of the park.

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    Paramedic partnership

    With volunteer groups in Thailand sharing first responder knowledge, building first aid & response skills and developing English skills for medical staff.

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    Medical professional partnerships

    Supporting relationships with local medical professionals to assist team members and volunteers in understanding the current health contexts of each community/region and to share knowledge, concerns, and ideas.