The futuresense foundation overview of goal 13

  • Goal 13, Climate Action.

Playing our part in climate action has become a significant key focus of the Foundation over the last 2-3 years, as we introduced and implemented our Environmental and Sustainability Challenges. We also took a number of steps to introduce environmentally positive measures in our hubs, like moving to 100% vegetarian hubs, tree planting to offset emissions from travel and re-purposing & plastic recycling initiatives. Our environmental and sustainability programs look at how we can  improve environmental education in the communities where we work and inspire the next generation to care passionately for our planet!

Our Programs in Relation to Goal 13.

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    Tree planting

    Introduced in our Thailand hub to offset the carbon emissions of travel and air pollution in the region, with plans to implement the project across all hubs.

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    Educational campaigns

    Delivered in Cambodia, Nepal, Peru and India, focusing on the long-term impacts of single use plastics, the benefits of recycling and how to reduce carbon footprints.

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    Waste segregation plant

    Constructed at a partner school in Nepal, as well as the school’s own development of an eco-club!